Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Do you know about Rilakkuma?

Any idea what character is in this picture? 
Rilakkuma is ranked as the fifth most popular character in Japan in a survey.  The cute bear is a creation from a Japanese company called San-X. A little google will reveal all you wanted to know how this bear came to be.

Due to its infamous status, it has spawned tremendous amount of items and merchandise that has its name or face stuck on to it, including this metal candy can that I obtained from my travels to Japan! It contains caramel coffee flavoured hard candy, pretty unique flavour I would say. A taste befitting the relaxing bear on the can. Sweet yet subtle taste, absorbing flavor than makes you crave for more! Lovely!

There are other flavors that are best not to be mentioned originating from the land of the rising sun... But this particular character has books, cards, candy, chocolates, plush toys with its face on it, its popularity worldwide is not to be disputed!
Lastly.. All hail Rilakkuma!!

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