Friday, 4 January 2013

Nestle Kit Kat Exhibitions! Matcha Kit Kat, Sakura Kit Kat and Blue Berry Cheese Kit Kat Only from Japan

Kit Kat hasn't been a colorful bunch until it swam to the culturally rich Japan. It has always been coy, sticking to its tradition of brown chocolate-colored appearance, not too different from any other chocolaty treats available in your neck of the woods. The iconic red outer wrapper has been its quintessential chocolate wafer bar in many generations. 

The myriads of colors and creative designs of the most notable brand by Nestle, strikes
The renowned brand undergoes a radical and innovative transformation by the creative Japanese. Here comes the Blueberry Cheese Cake flavour, the Pinkish Seasonal Sakura Matcha flavour, and also the Uji Matcha Flavour only found in the city of Kyoto. Its something that we discovered when we went to Japan for a great trip.

Even their packaging has been given a unique face-lift  No more boring red rectangular boxes that holds the KitKats together, now they come in different and totally bizarre shapes and sizes! Take the Blueberry cheese cake flavoured Kit Kat, the box is of the shape of a towering mountain! Symbolizes the great Mount Fuji that stands in the middle of Japan. Instant Iconic recognition. Memorable and would definitely be a great and lovely souvenir to bring home to the crowd, no?

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