Friday, 19 October 2012

KOYA Japanese restaurant in Bandar Mahkota Cheras

A  japanese restaurant tucked away hiding in a quiet area called bandar mahkota cheras. Maybe mahkota cheras isn't that quiet anymore nowadays.

KOYA being the only decent japanese restaurant in the area , boasts an impressive variety of authentic japanese cuisines.
you get to savour the standard such as sushi, temaki sushi, gunkan sushi. The fried noodle staple known as yakisoba. They even have ochatzuke where its the first of most of the japanese restaurants that I have been. 
Ochatzuke, it is a kind of dish where the japanese rice is inundated with green tea to create something like a soupy rice dish. 

A humble entrance that you'll feel welcome, all the time!

As mentioned, a lot of food on offer, many set dishes are available as well! 

a different table design

a nicely decorated counter, laden with sake bottles and some miniature figurines.

you can prefer to choose the private room, if you have a group of people going to enjoy a meal together.
Or go japanese, the tatami style! Cross-legged!

standard feature in all japanese restaurants, the famed green tea.

Dish 1, mini octopus appetizer

Next up! Sushi all-in-one. You get to have all of the best in one plate!
Salmon, tuna, squid, prawn, eel, octopus and salmon roe! What more to ask?
Add various condiments and sauces. If you love your sushi dribbled with red hot chili flakes, you are free to pour the whole bottle onto it.
I would suggest you mix the standard japanese soy sauce with some japanese sweet sauce, it elevates the taste DRAMATICALLY! Trust me, you'll love it! 

A very comfortable place to spend a dinner date with your special loved ones. Definitely recommended! if you having a hard time trying to figure out what to eat tonight, drop by this joint, and give it a go!

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  1. food taste& environment is okey, price is from RM15~RM31 per person. Suitable for 3~8persons gathering.


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