Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Kamukura Ramen in Osaka and other places in Japan

Welcome to Kamukura Ramen Store!
Official website:

Welcome to Kamukura Ramen Store!
Official website:
The store actually opens everyday! They never go on holidays!
There are quite a number of shops around Japan. The one we visited was in Dotombori in osaka. They also have branches in Nara, Kyoto, Tokyo and Hyogo. Conveniently located at the most populous areas in town.
They do serve great ramen in sumptuous soup with plentiful meat and luscious vegetables!

You can buy your food ticket or voucher coupons (whatever you call it) from one of the vending machines. This actually cuts the queue and the eliminates the need for waiters to take your orders, this is self-service at its best in japan! Pick the food that you desire, the menu actually comes in a few language, namely japanese, chinese, korean, and of course english!
So, you travellers, backpackers and tourists will not have a problem even if you don't speak a word of the local language! The beauty of self-service!

 We only ordered a bowl of the standard ramen, the waiter in the store automatically gave us another empty bowl as for us to share the ramen! How considerate of them~! This is what i call Customer service! Be considerate and you will earn your customers endless respect~!
They did give us glasses of water to quench our thirst.

Seasonings of various flavours. Add to your liking.

They seem to be extremely efficient in their work! Deserves admiration! A lot of Admiration! Behold the Japanese working spirit!

Its a huge bowl of ramen again! just perfect! Super affordable! at only 630¥!
Its noodles with succulent pork meat and bountiful amounts of cabbage!
Differences in size! Extraordinary! A meal fit for a king!

Different angles? Enjoy the pictures!

Stupendous and elephantine size! Definitely worth it for those of you who are in a tight travel budget! Highly Recommended!!

The more you eat the deeper the addiction towards the culture embedded in hundreds of years of japan. You can taste the finest of japanese ramen in places such as these! They make the best noodles in town!
Sirloin cut? Streaks of fat visible in the meat! Extremely juicy and soft texture! 

For your convenience, coat hangers for the cold seasons.
Another considerate act! They really had thought out all the minor details that makes the difference! Does your neck of the woods are as considerate and meticulous towards the details as the Japanese are?
Below is a map for your reference.

View Ōsaka City in a larger map

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