Friday, 14 September 2012

551 Horai Pork Bun (Japan Specialty)

Address: 大阪市中央区难波3-6-3 (HeadQuaters)
Business Hours:10:00 – 22:00
Off Day:  Close Every 3rd week of the month Tuesday
Phone: 06-6641-0551

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551 Horai 
This interesting store is located in Namba district in Osaka, Japan. Its the Headquaters of all 551 Horai Stores.
Famous and Renowned for its juicy meaty and flavourful pork buns or known as Butaman 豚馒 in japanese. 551 Horai has more than 60 branches scattered throughout japan, this store can be spotted mostly in railway stations, departmental stores and also Kansai Airport.

Horai 551 specialize in chinese food (中华料理 chuka ryori) namely dumplings, gyoza, meat buns and etc.

Their signature product on their menu is ..... Yep, you've guessed it! Its Horai Pork Buns (Butaman 豚馒)!
They are selling at 2 buns for 320yen.

Their mouth-watering pork meat buns are just different from your other pork meat buns.

Packed in a box of 4 buns.
During my travels, I bought 4 buns, you just can't get enough of its tastes! Warm lovely and porky tastes keeps you coming back for more.

You can see what exactly its like in the kitchen where they churn out all their famous buns and cuisines!

Enjoy the real taste of good eating! Well Said!

Their supple and soft outside complements the juicy, fragrant meat inside. Slightly fat Pork meat, soft and well cooked onion and I suppose other secret ingredients combines and creates this incredibly wonderful tastes! Having 2 of them is just not enough! You'll be coming back for more! Trust me! because I did went back for seconds!! 

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