Friday, 25 July 2014

Beautiful berries in South Korea - Strawberries in season

The most brightly colored and most beautiful strawberries I've seen so far. May be I haven't seen enough around the world, but having the chance to try these Korean Strawberries really is lucky me! Tasty and succulent berries which I think was probably in season. And it was pretty cheap compared to what I had to fork out back home. Sweet and delicious! Yummy!  Be sure to try some when you are in Korea! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

South Korean Specialty? Rice + noodles instant cup noodles - oddest you can find

The strangest things can always come from the most common things that we take for granted all the time. Take for example this odd combination for an instant noodle that I stumbled upon during my time in Seoul, South Korea. Swiftly I bought this thing off the shelf in some convenient store, and hurriedly tried it while resting at the hotel. I couldn't recognize any of the wordings on the packing except for the prominent Noodle+Rice. So, what should one wait for? Time to dig in to unearth the differences in cultures!
This looks innocent enough. When you open the package you get the usual seasonings pack and the noodles that you suppose to soften with hot water. But!!! In addition to the usual that you would expect with instant noodle packages, there's also RICE in it! I reckon they are par-boiled rice like what they do to pastas in the restaurants. WEIRD combination INDEED! 
After a few minutes of soaking the noodles and rice in some hot boiling water which the hotel provides, when you open the heat seal, you find rice and noodles harmoniously mixed together with spicy seasonings that will kick you to heaven and hell! Some how, the combination might look odd and strange in the beginning, the taste and texture of both is actually quite good. Mind you, I'm into everything that's odd and weird, but every time things turns out to be unexpectedly good or great! Never worse. 
Well, you have to hand it to the koreans to make every instant cup noodles SPICY! You'll be gulping down cold water or yogurt after the burning pain! Enjoy and cheers!! 

More of Japan's unique confectionary - Matcha Chocolate Pocky By Glico

Sweet sensations defined in a stick. Innovation is pervasive in the land of rising sun. They can make everything in to anything. Turning flavors inside out, taking conventional savoury flavors only found in everyday comfort food and inserting it into various forms of confectionery! Take for example this matcha also known as green tea, they extracted the flavors and essence and packed it into sticks of tea flavored biscuits and put it on sale everywhere! You can see this example repeatedly everywhere in Japan. Pocky is a famous household name. Well known throughout the world. This is just a small example of their limitless creativity! They not only come in "just" green tea. They have many types of green tea! Uji cha, sencha, and many more variations! You have to visit Japan to discover the perplexing choices! Be sure your sweet tooth can take it! Because the colors will definitely break your bank! Enjoy!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Novelty sauce - Strawberry Salad Sauce

This is something that you also cannot find in my neck of the woods. Something odd from Korea that I fished out from one of the big supermarkets. Welcome the strawberry salad sauce! Well, salad-eating is not a basic instinct of us Malaysians, but nonetheless its a fresh take on some lettuce dipping sauce. The overly bland taste of thousand island sauce or Caesar salad sauce is running old, time for some new and refreshing take on the age-old salad eating trend.
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