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7 Unique Must-Eat Gourmet Food From Hong Kong 2014

When you find yourself in Hong Kong for the first time or the second or third time for that matter, you will always be wondering where is good food to be found. With this list of famous restaurant that I prepared here, hopefully this will help you make your journeys in Hong Kong a more pleasant one! Eat away!

Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Restaurant 添好運 (Michelin Star Restaurant)


You might have heard of this famous dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. This is the well known michelin star dim sum restaurant that any travellers and locals can dine on without burning a hole in your wallet. Its cheap and vast selection of food caters to any kind of taste buds. The old shop in Mongkok has already shifted to other places. The nearest that you can find is in Sham Sui Po. Most likely you will be seated without getting into a queue because they have a lot of tables and seats to fit a large number of guests. So don’t worry, but one word of advice, go on weekdays instead of weekends!! You can thank me later. ^^
Sample pictures of dim sum on offer! Delectable!
The self-ordering chit that they use. You can order as many items that you can fit into your stomach. There are a lot of unique selections in this restaurant.


A must-have on every visit to the restaurant! 酥皮焗叉燒包 Flaky Skin Pork Bun(literally) Their number one best selling product!


腸粉 Fun Cheong
Very tasty.. that’s all i can actually say about this. Common and ordinary with a twist.

晶瑩鮮蝦餃 Har Gao
With huge knuckle size prawn, something you don’t always find in many corners of the world.

古法糯米雞 Luo Mai Kai
Nothing too special about this.


鮮蝦燒賣皇 Extraordinary Siu Mai
A Must try for all visitor. 


杞子桂花糕 Kwai Fa Gou

A flowery sweet honey dessert with tiny dates inside.

After some exhibition of the food on offer, you just have to go and have a taste. You can find the exact location from the google map location that I provide below. Enjoy!

Here's the location on google maps:

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Yung Kee Restaurant 鏞記

Head over to this Famous joint to enjoy the latest and greatest of all roasted goose in all of Hong Kong. Yung Kee Restaurant is the one you need to get yourself to to taste the juiciness and tenderness of the world-renowned roasted goose! Nothing comes close to this holy grail of all roasted stuff by Yung Kee. Though, be warned that the geese inside this 3 story humungous restaurant doesn't come cheap. You can opt to get a single roasted thigh for only a measly ...HKD180.. I did warn you..
Mak's Noodles 麥奀記雲吞
A Former Michelin Star Restaurant. Mak's Noodles is the king of all dumpling noodles it seems.The taste might not be everyone's cup of tea since the noodle has a very distinct taste. The serving size is extremely small by any standards so beware of over-ordering and breaking the bank while you are at it.
Here's the location on google maps:

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Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園
A famous tea and coffee shop that you can rest your tired feet at. But.. beware of the minimum charges that they impose on each customer. And also the small and tiny tables and chairs that they have within the store. It might not be so comfortable after all. You can't really have a decent tea and some casual chat as the ambiance aren't really your typical cafe. It's like shoving an elephant inside a room which is 2 times smaller than its size...
The item on the menu that made its name is the milk tea, hot or cold. And also the western toast side dish that you can order to keep your milk tea company.
Here's the location on google maps:

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Tai Chong Bakery 泰昌蛋撻

Tai Cheong Bakery is touted as the best egg tart bakery in Hong Kong. Each egg tart costs HKD6 and they are baked to perfection! the flaky crust and the creamy fillings will really lift your day. You have to at least try some while you are in Hong Kong.
Here's the location on google maps:

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Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩


This is the Holy Grail of all Beef Brisket Noodles in HK. You cannot find any other that is quite like it. You will curse yourself from waiting mindlessly in line. You will swear that this is the stupidest thing you have ever done in your entire life waiting 1 hour in line just to get a taste of this bovine wonder! So if you are in town, head down to Central then line up for your share.
Here's the location on google maps:

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Australian Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司
This is another must go to place for breakfast if you are in Hong Kong. They have their famous milk pudding that is the great attraction to this particular restaurant. Behold! Remember to ask for the hot and warm version. But you should be aware that the morning queue for breakfast is horrendous! Go early to secure your spot for the best breakfast you’ll have in Hong Kong! Hehe
One unforgettable breakfast meal set A can be found in this Dairy Restaurant. Ask for the scrambled egg to go with your bread. Their scrambled eggs are just unbelievable! You can’t find any other where else for such buttery tasty scrambled eggs. The morning breakfast set comes with a macaroni soup with some ham strips, bread with eggs and coffee or tea.
Milk Pudding! Australian Milk?
The scrambled eggs that is out of this world! ^^
Here's the location on google maps:

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This might not be all the best there is, but it is one of the better ones out there! Hope you enjoyed this post as well as I have prepared it!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Big Nose Restaurant in Kuchai Lama - Soul Food in the Cities

Let me introduce to your another Great chinese restaurant at Kuchai Lama. This place is called Big Nose Restaurant. A snazzy name for a restaurant. It seems that this particular restaurant is rather well-known in these parts of town. They have a lot of different kinds of soups on sale. Good for nourishing the heart, mind and soul in these stressful parts of the city. A little comfort food that everyone of us could enjoy once in a while.

A menu not for the faint-hearted. Do take your time perusing the whole menu as they offer more than the usual fair.

Wall of the famed and fortune, famous characters who had dipped their spoons in the soups at this store.

Some of the great food offerings by Big Nose. Stir Fried Veggies

Cuttle fish fried with Salted eggs

A little sea cucumber never hurts anybody! Slippery buggers!

Steamed and Fresh Fish served on a platter. Heart-warming!

On the house Jelly desserts! Overloaded with yummies from the restaurant!

Fuel Shack in KLCC


Simple lunch at KLCC. Spotted this food joint somewhere near the convention hall. Decided to give it a try.

Giganto pizza slice and some unique burgers on offer.

A snap of the menu upside.

Bought some burgers that is on offer.

Thick juicy beef patty in the middle. Made my day! Enjoy!


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Puchong Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant - Lunch Buffet

Umai-ya Buffet !! Lunch Break!!It’s Happy Hour on Your Saturday and Sunday

( Damansara Utama , and IOI Puchong Jaya Branch Only)

Lunch. Eat And Drink all Your Can!

From 11.30am to 2.30pm (kitchen last call @ 2pm)

Adult – RM58.00++

We decided to visit puchong for an all you can consume japanese buffett lunch. Why lunch? Because they don't do dinner. Buffett menu is only offered for lunch sessions. It will be ala carte for dinner.
So, with great anticipation we arrived at IOI Boulevard where this elusive japanese buffett restaurant resides. After searching high and low, we finally found the store. 

We were whisk away into the store by the friendly grinning staff. We had to make reservations a few days in advance to avoid disappointment and I strongly suggest you do the same as they are almost always fully booked during the weekends! 

They offer a great variety of made to order japanese dishes to satiate your palate. You are free to order as many dishes as you can stuff your tummy with! You can pick the dish that they offer on a menu that they will provide you. Just write the dish number on the order chit that comes with the menu. 

There's quite a number of unique dishes they offer. Japanese cuisine hasn't been this exciting and tasty before the arrival of made-to-order Japanese buffet. 
From the above picture your can see that they have the usual fare of sashimi on offer. From fresh salmon, tuna to octopus, you can expect the quality to be top-notch. As for appetizers, you can have the fresh seasoned jelly fish or the seasoned baby octopus to tingle your taste buds. 
Then you may opt for the Smoked Duck Salad, which is a unique dish from umai-ya.  

Make sure to try out their grilled food and teppanyaki offerings. The shishamo and the beef toaban sauce teppanyaki! The beef is extremely juicy and its fluid just floods your mouth as you bite into it and the sauce complements it very well. On the other hand, the grilled shishamo is another unique japanese dish on offer. An usual texture as you chew on it. 

I'll let the picture do the explaining. Words just can't describe how well is the taste and the likes. So enjoy!

You can refer to the Umai-ya Buffet menu right here: http://www.umai-ya.com/promos.php

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