Sunday, 7 February 2016

Monkey year HUAT ah!

2016 is a Monkey Year...
Went to few shopping malls to see the nice decoration.
Here are some of the deco...

Kungfu Panda @ Sunway Pyramid 

Lanterns tree @ Mid Valley 

Monkey @ Low Yat Plaza 

Nu Central 

Wishing all a Prosperous New Year!
HUAT ah! ONG ah!  

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Everything You'd Want To Know Before Going For Your Ipoh Trip (part 1)

It's year end holiday season..  Let's have a short break! A jalan-jalan cari makan trip in Malaysia.

OMG...  It took us almost 6hours to reach Ipoh from KL the day before Xmas. 
Initally plan to reach Ipoh around lunch hour to have famous chicken rice with bean sprout. Due to the bad traffic, it's impossible for us to reach Ipoh for lunch.
End up,  we have to stop at Bidor to look for food. Found this shop (Pun Chun Bidor) with some positive comment about their food. We decided to have a try.

That's a lot of people waiting for table and food. Since it's only two of us,  we just ask around de whether got people willing to share table with us. We are lucky to find one! We ordered dry wantan noodles (rm7+) and the famous duck noodles (rm10+). 
While waiting for our main meals,  we ordered one siew pau (pork pastry-rm2) to temporary fill up our super duper hungry stomach. The taste is good.
Finally,  our food arrived after waited for almost 30min!  The char siew for wantan noodles are a bit dry.  Personally,  I prefer the herbal duck soup. It's tasty! The taste and texture of noodles just taste normal. After the meal, we bought some famous Kai zai beng (chicken biscuits) from the shop.  
We continue our journey after the lunch and finally arrive our hotel at Ipoh town around 3pm. We stay in Hotel Excelsior. A newly renovated hotel with spacious and clean room, easy access (walking distance) to most of the famous food stalls, e.g: Lou Wong chicken rice with bean sprout, Sing Eng Hou (kaya puff), dim sum shop... 
Stay tune for more stories about our Ipoh trip
Happy holidays! 

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

BBQ Thai

土俗村蔘雞湯 Tosokchon Hearty Ginseng Chicken Soup In Korea

This yummy tasting hearty chicken soup is a famous local delicacy. It is also known to have a long queue during lunch and dinner hours! Tons of tourists will throng the place and you can enjoy the long long queue time if you come during lunch or dinner hour. Korea are famous for its ginseng chicken soup that provides a warm and comfortable meal during cold winter nights. The meal speaks for itself! Try it to believe it!
Address: 5 Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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